I never liked labels or diagnoses. The idea that I was suffering from depression due to a chemical imbalance just didn’t sit right with me – neither did the idea of taking pills to make myself feel better. But I was aware enough to know that something was wrong. There was no other way for me to explain the moments of sadness and emptiness I often felt. Many days I would stare out the window and just cry. Many nights I wished that I could go to sleep and wake up someplace else. Many times I wished that I could just cease to exist.

My relationship with my family didn’t help either. I always felt different from them and often joked that I was adopted or switched at birth. Whereas everyone in my family seemed to get along and enjoyed spending time together, I spent the majority of my time alone. I just didn't connect with them.

Deep inside I knew that even though my family and I were connected by blood they weren’t my real family. In fact, I often referred to them as my Earth family. In my heart and soul I knew that my real family – my soul family was on the other side – in another dimension. And it took a while for me to realize that the sadness and emptiness I felt was actually from missing them and wanting to be with them. But how could I possibly explain to a therapist or anyone else that Earth wasn’t my real home? I would be locked in a facility somewhere and being diagnosed with depression would be the least of my concerns.


Over the past few years, there has been a huge shift in consciousness. Many are waking up, remembering, and ascending. As we do, we are beginning to look at the world around us from a different perspective and opening up to possibilities we wouldn’t have considered before.

When it comes to mental health issues such as depression and anxiety, many believe that these issues are caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain. Treatment may include medication to help clients improve their mood or therapy to help clients develop coping skills. But many are finding that medication and therapy are no longer enough. Many are realizing the need to go deeper in order to get to the underlying cause.

And rather than approaching mental health from a biological or physiological perspective, many are turning to alternative or holistic medicine for answers. There is a general consensus that medication addresses issues on one level – a physical level, whereas holistic or alternative medicine looks at the individual as a whole. Holistic medicine takes into account the mind, body, and soul. And there are many issues that are impacting us on a soul level which, when left unaddressed or unresolved, manifest mentally, emotionally, and physically.

Imagine that your soul came to this world for a purpose – to fulfill a specific mission. That mission may be to help others, to share love, or to make the world a better place. Before your soul incarnated into a physical body it was very clear about what that purpose was and how to achieve it. Your soul even collaborated with other souls for guidance and support throughout the journey. Unfortunately, the moment your soul took on a physical form it’s as if a veil was placed upon you. You could no longer remember your true essence and why you agreed to come to this world. Quite honestly, it seemed irreverent. There was so much pain, suffering, lack, and limitation that fulfilling your purpose was the furthest thing on your mind – most days you were just trying to survive.

But as much as you got caught up in the illusions of this world your purpose still lived deep inside you – like a seed waiting to blossom into a tree. And even though you forgot the agreements you made, there was always a part of you that felt like you were searching for something more.

You go through life and do what you are conditioned to do – go to school, get a degree, find a job, get married, and start a family. You think those are the things that will make you happy. But somewhere along the lines you realize that you can be in a relationship but still feel lonely. You can have a career but still feel unfulfilled. You can have money but still feel empty.

Many of us have been searching for a long time – searching for that person or accomplishment or moment that will finally make us feel like we are complete. But what if what we are searching for is so much more? What if what we are searching for is our true essence?

Imagine that you came to this world to do one thing but didn’t? Imagine that you were so determined to accomplish this one thing that you kept coming back to this world – lifetime after lifetime, hoping each time you would finally succeed. Each time you incarnate the veil is placed upon you, but after incarnating so many times you learn how to navigate Earth and all its limitations.

Many of us have incarnated in physical form thousands of times but each time we incarnate we acquire more skills and knowledge. Unfortunately, we also acquire the memories, pain, suffering, and trauma from each lifetime and those experiences become deeply embedded within us. So even when our physical body dies our soul and our memories still live on. Eventually, we acquire so much that it becomes difficult to forget.

The lines become blurred and we find ourselves in one lifetime still being impacted by a life we experienced eons ago. We begin to remember people we met before because even though they appear physically different, their soul essence feels the same. We remember the experiences we had on the other side and the love and connection we felt to everything and everyone around us. And we long to return Home.

What if we are really seeking to return to Oneness? What if we are really seeking to return to Love? What if we are really seeking to return to Light? Because that’s where we come from and that’s who we really are. Despite the separation and limitations we experience in this world our true essence remains. And as we remember who we really are and why we are here, we are able to uplift, inspire, and empower others. As we ascend, we pave the way for others to ascend as well.

Maybe you get the sense that you are here for a reason or a greater purpose, but you haven’t discovered what that purpose is or you feel like you don’t have what it takes to pursue it. Maybe you always felt like you were different or didn’t belong. You might have even entertained the idea of past lives or other dimensions but thought the idea was too out there. Maybe you have struggled your entire life but deep inside you know that you are here for so much more. Maybe you are in a process of remembering.

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If You Feel Like You Don’t Belong In This World Maybe You Are Here To Help Create A New One,

Confessions of a Therapist

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If You Feel Like You Don’t Belong In This World Maybe You Are Here To Help Create A New One,

Confessions of a Therapist