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My approach combines the most effective healing modalities I have found over the past few years including transformational coaching, guided visualization, regression therapy, and theta therapy. Aspects of psychology, spirituality, and metaphysics are also woven into sessions to help clients break repeating relationship patterns, so they can create deeper, more authentic relationships with themselves and others. 


Single Session

Single sessions are designed as a deep dive into a specific issue for those who do not require long term services or ongoing support. This service may also be scheduled as an introductory session before committing to a coaching package or as an add-on to the Breaking the Cycle program.

Sessions may focus on:

Moving on from your ex, so you can feel like yourself again

Releasing deeply rooted blocks, so you can break unhealthy patterns

Increasing your self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-worth, so you can attract healthier relationships

Healing from a past experience, so you can move forward and create positive change

Connecting with your soulmate, so you can manifest your ideal relationship 

Breaking the Cycle Program

2h 41m | 18 videos

Breaking the Cycle is a 14 day program to help women break free of unhealthy relationship patterns, so they can create longer lasting relationships.


Part One identifies the limiting beliefs and subconscious blocks that cause you to attract partners who leave you feeling heartbroken, confused, angry, rejected, and not good enough.

Part Two takes you through the healing process of addressing past hurt, increasing your self-worth, and moving into alignment with your ideal relationship.

Program content:

How to mend your heart and find happiness again – without investing years in therapy 

How to love and accept yourself – in less than 10 minutes 

How to break free of negative thoughts, emotions, and beliefs to feel more confident   

How to get out of your own way, so you can attract high value relationships

How to transform your mindset to easily manifest your goals 

How to connect with your soulmate and attract your ideal partner 

Program highlights:

Content is sent directly to your inbox to create consistency and increase accountability

Videos are 10 to 20 minutes on average so you do not fall behind or get overwhelmed

Direct support through audio messaging so you do not feel like you are doing this all on your own

Three, 45 minute, one on one sessions to work through challenges and integrate key lessons into your life

Daily action items to keep you engaged and motivated

Daily affirmations to support you in creating lasting change 


90 Day Relationship Reset

Whether you have been single for a while or you are still recovering from your last heartbreak, the Relationship Reset Program will completely transform the way you approach relationships. 


Through our work together you will break through your relationship blocks, redefine your relationship values, and align with your ideal relationship, so you can create a life with more love and happiness. 

Program highlights:

Six 90 minute sessions, scheduled on a bi-weekly basis

Deep dive to release subconscious blocks, so you can move forward and create a new outcome  

Customized sessions based on your specific challenges and goals 

Proven techniques to accelerate your healing and fast track your relationships 

Resources and action items to help you create and sustain lasting change

Direct support through audio messaging, text, and email

Program content:

Uncover the reasons why you keep choosing or attracting the same type of men

Understand the ways in which you self-sabotage or hold yourself back from the relationship you desire

Learn how previous relationships and life experiences have shaped your love story

Unravel limiting beliefs and unhealthy emotions that keep you stuck in the same cycle

Shift deeply rooted blocks and limiting beliefs, so you can move into alignment with your ideal relationship

Discover how to meet high quality men and assess potential dates before investing your time, energy, and emotions

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