Unapologetically Me 

Unapologetically Me equips women to become the best version of themselves by empowering them to love and accept their true, authentic self. Each group focuses on a different topic, ranging from dating, creating new friendships, healing parental relationships, increasing self-love, dealing with loss, career success, and much more. Unapologetically Me creates a space for women to connect with other like-minded women while also receiving the support and guidance they need to achieve their goals in different areas of life.



Breaking the Cycle

Breaking the Cycle is a 6 week group for all women who want to improve their relationship with themselves and others. Each week you will dive deep to explore how previous and current relationships have impacted your self-esteem, beliefs, and ability to trust, connect, and communicate with those around you. You will develop a better understanding of who you are and what has made it difficult for you to create and sustain the relationships you desire. Most importantly, you will learn how to create healthy, long lasting relationships. If you have struggled in your friendships, parental relationships, or romantic relationships, this group will provide you with the tools and insight you need to break the cycle.

Experience the Power of Hypnosis 

If you have ever tried to change a negative thought, limiting belief, or repeating pattern, you know how difficult, frustrating, and time consuming the process can be. Whereas many modalities focus on changing thoughts, feelings, and behaviors on a conscious level, the key to achieving your goals in any area of life is to change your programming, habits, and beliefs on a subconscious level – where they are formed. During this workshop, you will be guided into a deep state of hypnosis to reprogram your subconscious mind, release limiting beliefs, improve your confidence, manifest your goals, heal on all levels, and much more.

Conscious Connection 

Conscious Connection was created to support Spiritual Seekers, Healers, Lightworkers, Starseeds, and other Multidimensional Beings on their path of healing, awakening, and ascension. Sessions may focus on remembering who you are as an Infinite Soul, honing your spiritual gifts, learning how to protect your energy, and developing tools and practices to connect with Spiritual Guides and other Light Beings. Conscious Connection creates a space for those who have always felt different, out of place, or as if they do not belong on Earth to find their tribe, while also receiving the support and guidance they need to accomplish their mission in this lifetime.