Once you manifest for the first time, you realize that manifesting is a very simple process that can be repeated over and over again. Whether your goal is to attract your soulmate or earn six figures, the process is the same.

Simply put, manifesting is the art of bringing a thought, idea, or goal in your mind into physical reality. As humans, we are all Creators and we create through our thoughts, words, and beliefs. How many times have you thought about someone, only to receive a phone call or text message from that person moments later? In a way, you manifested that outcome. When manifesting, it's important to acknowledge that everything in the physical world is made of energy vibrating at a specific frequency. It's also important to acknowledge that everything we want already exists – at a higher frequency in another reality. When we manifest, we raise our frequency or vibration high enough so that we are on the same wavelength as the goal or outcome we want to achieve. Only then, is it possible to bring that goal or outcome to fruition. Put another way, only then is it possible to shift into the higher reality where the thing we want already exists. One of the main reasons many people do not materialize their goals is because they are not energetically aligned with their goals. Imagine that two people are trying to call or text each other but they both have a different phone number. Because they are both transmitting a different electrical signal, they are unable to connect. To use another example, imagine that you want to attract a healthy, loving relationship, but there is a part of you that feels unworthy of love. There is a disconnect between what you want, how you feel, and what you believe. Our thoughts, feelings, and beliefs are the electric signal that go out into the Universe to connect with or attract the goal we want to achieve. When we align our thoughts, feelings, and beliefs with our goal, we create a vibrational match, thereby manifesting that goal into physical reality. Achieving your goals does not have to be hard. In fact, it's very easy (and much faster) when you are in energetic alignment. When you are in energetic alignment you are in flow. You are a magnet. You are a Creator. To be in energetic alignment is to be in tune with your true, authentic self and to embody those qualities daily. After all, everything you desire in life is a reflection of you. And when you shift into a higher version of yourself, you also shift into a higher reality. And ultimately, your vision becomes your reality.