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Career Visioning Program

Lightworkers are service souls who have incarnated on Earth to accomplish a specific purpose.


Perhaps you have always felt a deep calling to help others or even considered becoming an entrepreneur, but lack the support and guidance you need.

3h 12m | 21 videos

And while you are normally great at pushing yourself and getting things done, right now you cannot help but feel:

Stuck in a cycle of unfulfilling jobs

Blocked by fear, doubt, or feelings of not being good enough

Confused or lost about the next steps in your career

Deep sadness or unhappiness within your soul

Different, misunderstood, or like you do not belong

Worried that you will never find your true calling

The Career Visioning Program is a 21 day guide to overcoming obstacles to following your dreams and creating the life you envision.


Part One consists of twelve lessons and journaling exercises to help you get out of your own way and clarify your vision for your life.

Part Two consists of nine healing sessions to help you align with your goals and take action to bring your vision into reality. 


Filled with spiritual guidance, real life examples, and daily action items, the Career Visioning Program is a practical, but powerful guide to stepping into your purpose and manifesting the life you desire.

Program Content:

How to identify your passion versus your purpose

How to overcome fear and unworthiness, so you can earn a living doing what you love

How to trust the process and surrender – even when everything seems to be going wrong

How to feel more clear, confident, and empowered to accomplish your goals – in less than 10 minutes

How to step out of your comfort zone and deliver your gift of service to the world

Program Highlights:

Videos are 10 to 20 minutes on average so you do not fall behind or get overwhelmed

Content is delivered directly to your inbox to increase consistency and accountability

Daily journaling exercises and real life examples to help you step into your power and purpose

Unlimited, lifetime access to all lessons and healing sessions

Individual sessions can be added on, so you do not feel like you are doing this all on your own

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