Over the past few years there has been a huge shift in consciousness. Many are in a process of remembering and discovering who they really are and why they have chosen to come to Earth.


Soul coaching was created to help spiritual seekers, healers, lightworkers, and other multidimensional beings awaken to their true self and realign with their soul's purpose. Sessions are designed for those seeking clarity, guidance, support, and deeper understanding throughout their spiritual journey, spiritual awakening, and/or spiritual ascension.


In addition to coaching, sessions incorporate mentoring and teaching based on knowledge and practice of various modalities including energy healing, crystal therapy, aura clearing, guided meditation, prayer, breathwork, past life regressions, lives between lives, shamanic journeying, channeling, manifesting, and quantum reality.


Sessions will focus on navigating the cosmic shift, expanding your understanding of spirituality and metaphysics, and developing tools and practices to connect with yourself and the Universe in a more profound way. Sessions may also focus on honing your spiritual gifts, manifesting your goals, and moving into alignment with your purpose.


Soul Coaching Sessions are 45 minutes and are offered as a single session or a package of 5 to 7 sessions. Custom packages that combine transformational coaching, guided meditation, energy healing, and/or hypnosis may also be created. Soul Coaching is ideal for clients who:


  • Identify as a spiritual seeker, old soul, Lightworker, healer, Earth Angel, Starseed, Indigo, Crystal, Rainbow, or other multidimensional being

  • Often feel different, out of place, as if they don’t belong on Earth, and/or have a strong desire to go home

  • Are seeking clarity, support, guidance, and understanding on their spiritual journey 

  • Are ready to raise their consciousness and move beyond the illusions and limitations of this world 

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