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My approach combines the most effective healing modalities I have found over the past few years including transformational coaching, theta therapy, hypnosis, and divine healing. Aspects of psychology, spirituality, and metaphysics are also woven into sessions to help clients break repeating relationship patterns, so they can create deeper, more authentic relationships with themselves and others. 


Transformational Coaching

Coaching sessions are designed to help you move into alignment with a goal in a specific area of your life. During each session, we will dive deep to uncover what is holding you back, and most importantly, how to move forward a new outcome. In exploring the past, present, and future, you will also gain insight into the origin of these blocks and how they manifest currently. You will leave each session with a greater sense of clarity and confidence, along with practical but effective tools to create and sustain the change you desire.

Sessions may focus on:

Moving on from your ex, so you can feel like yourself again

Releasing deeply rooted blocks, so you can break unhealthy patterns

Increasing your self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-worth, so you can attract healthier relationships

Healing from a past experience, so you can move forward and create positive change

Connecting with your soulmate, so you can manifest your ideal relationship 


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Hypnosis incorporates relaxation and visualization techniques to guide you into the theta state. In addition to releasing deeply rooted fears, blocks, beliefs, and programs, we will anchor in positive suggestions that support you in creating the change you desire. You will leave each session with a deeper sense of clarity and confidence, as you move into alignment with your goals. Tools and resources will also be provided to help you sustain lasting change.

Hypnosis can help you:

Access repressed memories or experiences that are still impacting you

Uncover the origin of specific blocks, patterns, fears, or limiting beliefs

Heal childhood trauma or past life issues

Release unhealthy habits, emotions, or self-sabotaging behaviors

Break energetic cords and facilitate the process of forgiveness

Through our work together, you will be able to:

Break free of the past so you can move forward and create a new outcome

Increase your self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-worth

Accelerate your ability to think clearly and positively so you can manifest your goals

Connect with your inner guidance and learn how to trust yourself more

Achieve a greater level of love, success, and happiness

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Divine Healing

Divine healing brings awareness to deeply rooted issues and allows you to clear them quickly, easily, and gracefully. 

Working in tandem with the Higher Self, sessions incorporate the use of different charts to identify core issues, such as ancestral patterns, limiting beliefs, traumas, and self-sabotages, along with a series of Command Codes to heal them at the point of origin. Divine healing will empower you to reconnect to your true self, so you can step into your power, experience more joy, love, success, and abundance, and truly create the life you envision. 

Divine healing will empower you to:

Heal deeply, completely, and easily

Reconnect to your true, authentic self

Feel you are the creator and master of your life

Manifest your goals and desired outcomes

Experience more love, joy, fun, success, and abundance

Live with more grace, ease, clarity, and flow

Divine healing can identify and clear:

Inherited ancestral patterns

Sabotages and inner conflicts

Unresolved past life issues

Hidden ego agendas

Negative or limiting beliefs

Physical, mental, and emotional imbalances

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