A breakthrough occurs when you are able to gain deeper insight and understanding; when a realization becomes a catalyst for change; when you are able to overcome a block or obstacle and move forward in a meaningful way; when you experience growth, healing, and transformation.

Intensive Breakthrough Sessions are designed as an alternative to traditional therapy. Sessions will focus on exploring different domains of life including mental health, career, and finances. We will also explore parental relationships, childhood experiences, and previous romantic relationships to develop an understanding of how these experiences have shaped your values, beliefs, behavior, and ability to achieve your goals.

Intensive Breakthrough Sessions incorporate multiple healing modalities including counseling, transformational coaching, soul coaching, guided meditation, journaling exercises, hypnosis, reiki, and quantum healing. Resources will also be provided at the end of each session to help you remain in alignment with your desired outcomes.

Intensive Breakthrough Sessions are offered as a package of ten hours, split over 3 to 4 sessions. Intensive Breakthrough Sessions are ideal for clients who:

  • Are ready to invest in themselves and create lasting change in all areas of life

  • Are dealing with an issue that is rooted in multiple areas or requires multiple sessions

  • Have noticed repeating patterns or deeper issues preventing them from moving forward and achieving their goals

  • Prefer an approach that incorporates several healing modalities and provides the benefits of long term therapy in less time