A breakthrough occurs when you are able to gain deeper insight and understanding; when a realization becomes a catalyst for change; when you are able to overcome a block or obstacle and move forward in a meaningful way; when you experience growth, healing, and transformation.


Intensive Breakthrough Sessions are designed for clients who are ready to dive deep into a specific area of their life such as mental health, relationships, or career. Sessions are 2 days – 3 hours each. An additional 2 hour follow up session will also be provided. Breakthrough sessions combine multiple modalities including transformational coaching, intuitive coaching, counseling, guided visualization, journaling exercises, energy healing, and hypnosis. 


The first day will focus on connecting the past to the present. We will dive into your history to explore which life events are connected to the issues and challenges you are experiencing currently. This session may focus on exploring parental relationships, childhood experiences, previous romantic relationships, and past pain or trauma to develop an understanding of how these experiences have shaped your values, beliefs, behaviors, and personality. In addition to processing these experiences, you will develop a deeper understanding of the root cause of the issues and challenges that are impacting you currently, what you need to heal, and how to move forward.


The second day will incorporate guided visualization, hypnosis, and energy work. We will do an average of 4 to 6 sessions, each customized based on your needs and goals. Sessions will focus on healing, transcending negative emotions and limiting beliefs, programming new habits, and moving into alignment with your values and goals.


During the follow up session we will discuss your progress and resources will be provided to help you remain in alignment with your desired outcomes. Intensive Breakthrough Sessions are designed as an alternative to weekly therapy and aim to eliminate the core issues that are impacting your mental health, relationships, career, and overall happiness and success in life. Intensive Breakthrough Sessions are ideal for clients who:

  • Are willing to invest in themselves and ready to create lasting change 

  • Have noticed repeating patterns in one or more areas of life and/or feel there are blocks or deeper issues preventing them from moving forward and achieving their goals

  • Are dealing with issues such as repeating patterns, relationship conflict, familial issues, trauma, anger, forgiveness, feelings of not being good enough, low self-esteem, self-worth, or self-confidence

  • Prefer a psychospiritual approach that provides the benefits of long term counseling/coaching without the time commitment  

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