Heal From Heartbreak



Are You Ready For A Breakthrough?

Clear Connections Coaching offers a short term solution to healing.


Whereas traditional therapy focuses on processing events over an extended period of time, as a Licensed Therapist I focus on helping clients get results in the quickest and most effective way. 


There is no need to spend week after week talking about your problems – not for the next year, not for the next 6 months, and certainly not for the rest of your life. Have you not suffered enough? 


What traditional therapy fails to do in one year, I will do in one session.

Specific areas I focus on are relationships, entrepreneurship, self worth, spirituality, and metaphysics. Services offered include transformational coaching, hypnosis, and multidimensional healing. 

In addition to individual sessions, I also offer group sessions and workshops. Services are provided virtually.

See What Clients Are Saying



Maybe you have been single for a while and you are finally ready for a relationship, but you keep attracting the wrong men.


Maybe you have a tendency to self-sabatoge, ignore the red flags, or remain in relationships longer than you should.

Or maybe you just want to heal your heart so you can experience unconditional love for yourself and others. 


Our work together will challenge you to go deep within to uncover and shift your relationship blocks so you can move into energetic alignment with your ideal relationship. 


We all have a love story, which is typically formed during childhood as a result of personal experiences and social constructs. Unfortunately, many of us also did not have healthy models of relationships growing up, and as adults, we subconsciously create the relationships we try so hard to avoid. Attracting the relationship you desire does not have to be hard. It is much easier (and faster) when you are in energetic alignment. 


Through our work together you will:

  • Uncover your love story, relationship blocks, and the reasons why you keep choosing the same type

  • Learn the secret to ending the negative cycle and breaking the repeating pattern 

  • Heal the hurt and pain from previous relationships so you can experience more intimacy, love, and connection 

  • Gain clarity about your relationship values so you can easily assess potential dates before investing your time, energy, and emotions

  • Develop the confidence to trust your intuition, communicate your needs, and receive as much as you give in your relationships

  • Discover how to tap into your power as a Creator and manifest your Soulmate

Whether you have a deeper calling you are ready to fulfill, you already own a business, or you are new on the path of entrepreneurship, our work together will equip and empower you to take your career to the next level. 


The truth is you are the one holding yourself back. Yep, I said it. There is no one or no thing stopping you from accomplishing your goals. Rather, it is your fear, doubt, and limiting beliefs that keep you stuck. 


You may tell yourself that the time is not right. 


You may tell yourself that you have financial obligations and it would be crazy to chase a dream. 

You may even tell yourself that you are not talented enough, experienced enough, good enough, or worthy enough.  


And even though there is a part of you that knows this is not your truth, you cannot help but question yourself and your purpose. After all, if this is what you were born to do, it would not be so hard, right?


But what if you did not have to "work hard" to make a living? Accomplishing your goals is a lot easier (and faster) when you are in energetic alignment. 


When you are in energetic alignment you can make decisions from a place of clarity rather than fear.  


When you are in energetic alignment you are able to receive the signs, synchronicities, and opportunities that help you move closer towards your desired outcomes. 


When you are in energetic alignment you are in flow and being in your purpose becomes easy (and dare I say fun).