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Are you ready for a deeper healing experience?

Thin Stripes

Have you tried therapy, but you are still not where you envisioned in your relationships, career, or life in general?

And despite doing the work, you still: 

Feel stuck in the same cycle or pattern

Struggle with low self-esteem, self-confidence, or self-worth

Experience difficulty healing past pain or trauma

Attract unhealthy relationships that end in heartbreak

Feel confused or lost about the next steps in your career

Relationship coaching
Thin Stripes

You may have even tried...

Watching YouTube videos

Reading self-help books

Writing affirmations

Journaling exercises

What if you could finally break the cycle and create a new outcome?
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Clear Connections Coaching offers online programs to help women transform their relationships and career.

Each program combines over 10 years of experience and proven techniques to accelerate your healing, so you can create the life you envision – without investing years in therapy.     

Working as your virtual coach, I will guide you through the process of uncovering deeply rooted blocks, healing past pain, manifesting your ideal relationship, and aligning with your purpose in as little as 14 to 21 days. 

Individual sessions can also be added on for deeper healing and transformation.

Relationship counseling

Through our work together, you will accelerate your ability to:

Love and accept your true, authentic self

Increase your self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-worth

Find your tribe and create healthier relationships

Align with your goals and manifest your purpose

Experience more freedom, joy, love, and abundance

What Clients Are Saying

"After a few months of working with her, I was able to move on from that relationship, and we started working together on rebuilding a value system for how I could approach love for self and others in the future… Her advice lead to dramatic breakthroughs in self discovery, self realization, and more importantly self actualization." Read More

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Are you ready for a breakthrough?

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